Swoon: The Annie Jumpsuit

If jumspuits are a mum-to-be's best friend then meet your new BFF!

WHEN we first set eyes on the Annie jumpsuit its bold colours and modern shape rang all our NINERY bells. Pregnancy is the perfect time to experiment with fashion and we love the fun, playful feel of the Annie jumpsuit and the whole of the Little Yellow London collection. Carrying a baby isn't all aching legs and morning sickness. It's joyful and exciting and it's great to find a maternity brand that really gets that.

1 & 2: Annie Jumpsuit, Black
Go classic black in the Annie when you're feeling anything from super sophisticated and fancy glamming it up with a little heel (yeah, heels in pregnancy, it happens) to those days when it feels like you've eaten all the pasta and fancy a slouch and a trainer. Add a pop of colour and an extra texture with denim jacket or Little Yellow London's very clever reversible bomber.

1: The Annie jumpsuit, black
She looks hot with a heel, right?

2: The Annie jumpsuit, Floral Coral
We love the big boldness of the Floral Coral print, it makes those dying days of summer A OK. Throw it on with your fav trainers and a cosy bobble hat and strut your beautiful pregnancy stuff. You look amazing right now, even if you dont always feel it.

3: The Annie jumpsuit, Mono Leopard
The Mono Leopard Annie captures so much of our NINERY ethos it makes us a bit giddy. Cool, a little bit street, fun with the prettiness of Annie's shape - why wouldn't you live in this bad girl?