Back to Work

Walk into the workplace like 'Yeah that's right, I'm BACK'

RETURNING to work after having a baby can be stressful. Don't sweat it, life will settle into a new rhythm and far from being rusty at your job, chances are the break away will mean you're better than ever. Make an entrance is NINERY's suggestions for head-turning work wear.

1) Just Polly The Zoe Striped Shirt: A classic and one that can be worn just as easily post baby, when you're back in the world of work, making it a great investment. We love it because it works perfectly for those smart casual office days but toughens up under a blazer or with heels.

2) Shakti + Mary White & Blue Ikat Shirt and 3) Shakti + Mary Silver Rainbows Ikat Shirt: If you want to walk back into work with a little wardrobe twist then check out Shakti + Mary. The versatilty of their beautifully individual shirts makes them really work friendly and eye catching and we're all about that.

You might be going back to work but you could also still be breastfeeding and if you need to express you'll still need to get at your boobs. So, how absolutely perfect are these Mothers Love Fashion jumpsuits? They look the biz for a work situation and it's not obvious that they're made for boob access as they can look like a top and trousers combo, especially as they have a cute split back. And anyway, anything that helps normalise breastfeeding is a winner isn't it - so nursing wear in the office? Erm, YES! 1) The breastfeeding Jumpsuit in Black and 2) In Red. 

3) The Natalie Cullotte Jumpsuit in Bold Electric. If feeling great in what you wear is a massive confidence boost for you then we think returning to work in this stunning jumpsuit would tick all your boxes. Having a baby is a life changing event, you feel a little bit different when you've had a baby - so celebrate that when you hit the world of work again with an outfit that makes everyone sit up and take notice. It comes in Black and 4) In red too.

Take one look at the Naomi Purkiss Boutique Original Top and tell us it's not super cool. We adore its edgy elegance and the array of fabrics it comes in. They're all made to order and definitely had to feature in our Back to Work Edit. When you return to the office, you may want the comfort of a looser top that is still sharp and stylish. And that's why we admire The Original Top. Its fit is forgiving but its fabric designs give structure and shape. 1) Original Top in Rope 2) Matchsticks 3) Addition and 4) Cut Outs .