3 Ways To Wear...The Coffee + Concealer Tee

The Coffee + Concealer breastfeeding tee

Welcome to Ninery's first issue of 3 Ways To Wear....Brought to you by breastfeeding mum Sarah Carmichael who is mum to baby Haidee and can be found sharing her motherhood journey on Instagram at my_life_as_a_mummy

Sarah says:

"When I first opened up the Milky Tee I was pleasantly surprised!

It was wrapped beautifully and there was a little bag of milky sweets which was a nice touch. I was really pleased with the quality as it was much thicker than I imagined, and the shape looked fitted and longer than I thought it would be.

It's comfortable and the zips are easy to open and close, as well as being really discreet.

The zips cover nearly the entire length of the t-shirt, so there’s lots of room to breastfeed without fumbling about.

The design is stylish and relevant to lots of mums. There’s other slogans to choose from or just plain white.

This t-shirt excited me when I first saw it, as being a breastfeeding mother I missed being able to wear one a simple whte t-shirt."